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9 ways to give up chocolate

31st March 2017 by Sophie

If you're giving up chocolate for Lent, but you still want to enjoy that chocolatey flavour - cacao is your answer! It has the chocolate taste of cocoa, but with a richer flavour and more nutritional benefits.

chocolate bark 1

almond butter "chocolate" bark

I don’t know about you, but spoonfuls of a certain chocolate hazelnut spread and handfuls of chocolate chips were kind of a staple in my life growing up. Sometimes you just need a zing of that chocolate-y goodness am I right? Enter chocolate bark with almond drizzle! I sprinkled the beetroot crisps and chia cookie on top for that extra CRUNCH and it was heavenly.


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brownies 2

vegan pumpkin "chocolate" brownies

Our taste expert Bobby shows us how to make these delicious and healthy pumpkin brownies, made with beetroot, dates and maple syrup, and no refined sugars! With the rich cacao sauce drizzled on top, we can guarantee these gooey goodies will go down a treat!

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mug cakes landscape 3

"chocolate" mug cakes

This recipe is so easy to make and only takes 2 minutes to cook. Plus it tastes exactly like a chocolate cake, but with absolutely no dairy, no gluten and no refined sugar!

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choc pud landscape 4

banana avocado "chocolate" pudding

We can’t get enough of this healthy chocolate avocado pudding recipe by grazer and blogger Christine Bono! She sent us this seriously delicious (yet simple!) recipe and we just had to share it!

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baobab truffles box 5

"chocolate" orange truffles

A healthy, delicious version of chocolate orange but with heaps more energy-giving nutrients and just the same indulgent feel.

Jess, graze nutritionist

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choc mousse 6

"chocolate" avocado mousse

Banana and avocado lend a rich and creamy texture and the raw cacao gives this pud that typical indulgent chocolate mousse hit that we know and love.

I know you’re probably raising a serious eyebrow right now, but trust me on this one – this raw mousse is seriously amazing and gives you the same ‘I’m spoiling myself’ feeling as the shop bought kind, but with so many benefits.

Jess, graze nutritionist

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And for those of you going full embargo on all things chocolate, here are some cacao-free recipes to help you through until Easter...

froyo pops 3 7

strawberries & cream pops

These froyo pops only have 2 ingredients and all you need is a mould (even a graze punnet will do!) and a freezer. They’re light, delicious, and packed with protein! You can even play around with different toppings!

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truffles close up 8

coconut & pineapple truffles

There are so many different flavours and ingredient combinations you can use to make these super easy truffles, which makes this the perfect adaptable recipe for making some bite sized pick-me-ups.

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froyo bark main 9

easy frozen yoghurt bark

The cacao-free version of the chocolate bark listed above, this yoghurt bark is refreshing, fruity and really simple to make! Just pick any flavour of yoghurt you like, and top with your favourite graze snacks.

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chocolate-free sweet treats

Discover all of our sweet snacks, from our freshly baked little puds to our nutritious nut mixes. Whether you’re looking for a 4pm pick-me-up or an evening dessert-substitute, we’ve got a snack to hit that sweet spot. Every snack has been designed by our taste experts with your sweet tooth in mind, and approved by our nutritionist, so you can feel good about grazing!

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By Sophie, graze blogger.

Sophie is our London-based blogger, queen of content and all things writing at graze HQ! She loves working with the taste expert team to bring their recipes out into the world.

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