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5 things you should be putting in flasks

12th October 2015 by Sophie

As the evening’s get darker and the temperature drops, the warming comfort of a flask becomes more and more inviting. Except it turns out flasks are for more than just tea and hot chocolate!

lemon chicken orzo 1

lemon chicken orzo

Chock full of hearty veggies and tender chicken in a refreshing lemony broth - this lemon chicken orzo from damn delicious is pure comfort in a bowl.

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bircher muesli jar 2

lemon and blueberry bircher muesli

If you’re a fan of on the go breakfasts - stick this deliciously nutritious lemon and blueberry bircher muesli from taffy’s perks in a flask to keep it fresh and head out the door.

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soup 3

roasted squash minestrone

Take this hearty squash minestrone from delicious magazine to a Bonfire Night party in a flask, or make it at home on a cold autumn evening.

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cold weather pimms 4

cold weather pimms

Don’t just save Pimm’s for summer, add some brandy to make this winter Pimm’s punch from BBC good food, and pop it in a flash to warm your cockles wherever you are.

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cold-fighting chicken couscous 5

cold-fighting chicken couscous

There’s no better comfort food than chicken soup when you’re under the weather. Adding health-supporting ingredients like ginger, garlic, lemongrass and a big squeeze of lemon creates this light and bright cold-fighting chicken couscous from soup addict.

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