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5 simple summer snack hacks

These recipes are full of flavour to lift you up, and naturally light so you don’t crash back down.

ice cream 1

mint choc chip ‘ice cream’

Don’t adjust your screen; this is actually as good as it looks.

Blend two frozen bananas with a handful of mint. Add a dash of vanilla extract and vigorously mix with cacao nibs.

These small-but-mighty nibs are one of the best dietary sources of magnesium, the mineral that powers hundreds of biochemical processes in your body.

Think of that while you munch on this delicious ice cream substitute tonight!

lemonade 2

pimped out water

Something refreshing to accompany your sweet treats: chop up cucumber and mint, add to a jug with water, let it sit overnight. Simple!

For lemonade add sparkling water, fresh lemon juice and stevia or honey. Both of these make staying hydrated and healthy much less of a chore. So put down the soda and choose this much more healthy late night snack!


green smoothie popsicles

If you’re looking for an excuse to indulge in ice-lollies on those long summer evenings, here’s one that the, erm, kids will love.

The colour is more than just an eye-catcher: the nutrients that create the green tint have an anti-oxidising effect on your body, keeping your immune system in check.

Simply blend your favourite fruits and green veg, and freeze in lolly moulds (aim for two part fruit, one part veg). Voila - a fruity and refreshingly healthy evening snack.

frozen banana 4

banana lollies

Looks too good to be true, tastes too good to be healthy!

Chop bananas into thirds and place them onto skewers before dipping into melted dark chocolate; roll in crushed walnuts and freeze.

Aside from being a fun snack that kills late night cravings, these also offer some serious health benefits: eating walnuts regularly has been linked to a longer lifespan, as has – wait for it – eating dark chocolate.

You’re welcome.


frozen yoghurt bites

If simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, this is the most-sophisticated after dinner snack around.

Grab a bunch of grapes (we recommend red, if you’re into the disease-fighting effects of the resveratol in their skin). Mix them into low fat yoghurt and arrange neatly on a freezable dish. Throw them in the freezer and remove after a few hours.

Et voila, a surprisingly delicious snack for those hot evenings - and equally good for 'British’ weather. Speaking of which…

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