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4 ways to snack on protein

Protein is a vital part of a balanced diet for everyone, not just for body builders! Our nutritionist Jess recommends getting enough protein everyday to help maintain healthy muscle growth.

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make your own protein slices

If you’re trying to keep track of what you eat, or avoid artificial ingredients, buying energy bars can be a bit daunting. Often they make a lot of great sounding health claims, but then pack those bars with refined sugars or artificial sweeteners.

Well then good news is, it’s super easy to just make your own at home! Just follow this simple recipe from blogger Karen to make these deliciously chewy energy bars with all natural ingredients.

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or grab some graze protein bars

Discover our brand new protein bars, full of wholesome ingredients like chia seeds and almond butter, and the perfect size to keep in your bag. Or, if you prefer to enjoy an uplifting break with a cuppa, you can get hold of our protein bites with graze original tea bags. Protein just got exciting!

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freeze your own yoghurt protein pops

These froyo pops only have 2 ingredients and all you need is a mould (even a graze punnet will do!) and a freezer. They’re light, delicious, and packed with protein! You can even play around with different toppings!

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whiz up some easy nut butter protein balls

Looking to make your own protein balls? Just adapt this tasty pistachio & coconut protein ball recipe to your own tastes, using your favourite nut butter and graze protein snack.

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