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31 things to do this summer

Don't let summer slip through your fingers! Make the most of each free day and try to tick off your whole list by autumn...

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froyo bark main
  1. road trip
  2. go to a carnival
  3. make frozen yoghurt bark
  4. have a water war
  5. plant a herb box
  6. visit a zoo
  7. go for a bike ride
  8. go to an outdoor cinema
  9. light a bonfire
  10. throw a cocktail party
cauliflower pizza
  1. go berry picking
  2. go to a theme park
  3. visit a butterfly sanctuary
  4. make a farmer’s market meal
  5. go to a rooftop bar
  6. barbecue shelfish
  7. sleep outside
  8. tour a brewery
  9. cook paella
  10. rent a sailboat for a day
ice tea
  1. makeover a room
  2. learn a new card game
  3. have a DIY spa day
  4. go to a climbing wall
  5. paint pottery
  6. make something from Pinterest
  7. go rollerblading
  8. play frisbee golf
  9. have a different smoothie each day
  10. make afternoon ice tea
  11. have fireworks in the garden

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