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3 things we want to do in Uganda

12th August 2016 by Sophie

The graze school of farming in Kabubbu, Uganda, helps locals grow themselves out of poverty by teaching farming skills and supporting them through their first few growing seasons. Over 400 graduates have been through the school so far, but we've got even bigger plans...

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keep educating new students and trainers

The core of the school is the farming course and we want to increase the number of students we can cater for and support.

We are also starting to work with local schools to provide training for teachers and student groups.

meet star pupil Solomun
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build the centre for farming excellence

The land has been cleared and all that's left is to build! This will be a permanent base for the school, with classrooms for theory lessons, test gardens to develop the best techniques, and space for students to have their own allotments.

meet the class of 2015
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support our graduates

Mr Augustine has started a farmers cooperative for the graduates of the school to give them ongoing support and collective bargaining power.

We are planning to build a maize mill in the heart of the village so our students don’t have to travel miles (often on foot) to mill their grain to get a better price for it at market.

We want the school of farming to become a model for education in the area proving that with a little help people can grow themselves a better future.

So far at the school...

We have 400 graduates! That's 400 families who can now feed and support themselves.

On top of that Mr. Augustine has: trained 34 trainers to support all the students as they start their own gardens, experimented with 27 varieties of maize, planted a total of 1,200 orange trees, held 4 harvest festivals, started a farmers co-operative, installed giant water tanks to help the villagers to water their crops regardless of rainfall, started regular agriculture lessons in the local schools and cleared the land for the new Centre of Farming Excellence.

With your help, we've raised over £144,591 so far!

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