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15 snacks you didn’t know were vegan

7th June 2017 by Sophie

If you’re following a vegan lifestyle, you’re probably used to missing out on your favourite flavours. Well no more! We’ve exposed some of our most popular snacks in all their vegan glory, so you can graze with confidence.

kale snack 1

kale crisps

Kale is one of our nutritionist’s favourite vegetables, as it is an absolute powerhouse of nutrition and packed with vitamin K. As a crisp it is deliciously light and yet still crunchy, and just like with all dried-not-fried vegetable crisps it retains all those natural nutrients.

We kicked our kale crisps up a notch with a light coating of cashew nut butter and chia seeds, with zesty lime juice to round out the taste. As well as adding to the crunch and flavour, these wholesome vegan-friendly ingredients make this snack an obvious choice for those of your looking for satisfying source of protein.

the benefits of kale
A collection of graze flapjacks 2

honeycomb flapjack

Our flapjacks are famous for good reason - they are completely delicious. And apart from our lemon drizzle flavour (which uses yoghurt in the drizzle) they are all completely vegan, using margarine instead of butter.

But what about the honeycomb flavour? Good news! The sweet ingredient in this flapjack is actually cinder toffee. A crunchy form of spun sugar with a bubbly texture, this toffee is made with sugar, syrup and bicarbonate of soda. The bubbles make it look like real honeycomb, hence the name, but there are no bees involved at all.

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flapjack crop 3

protein flapjack

Just like the rest of our flapjack range, our protein flapjacks don’t contain any butter. Instead, we use xanthan gum to achieve that gooey flapjack texture, with soy protein crispies and mixed seeds to add vegan-friendly protein. This is the perfect pre- or post-workout fuel for dairy-free gym-goers!

xanthan gum baking hack

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chocolate snacks 4

dark chocolate buttons

No matter what your dietary restriction, everyone should be able to enjoy some delicious chocolate every now and again. Enter our dark chocolate buttons, made with natural ingredients like cocoa, sugar, vanilla and cocoa butter - and absolutely no dairy. So go ahead and feel good about enjoying that delicious rich chocolatey flavour.

the benefits of chocolate

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speculoos 5

belgian speculoos

Our notorious and ever popular Belgian speculoos dip with cinnamon pretzel dippers is a vegan snacker’s dream, with no dairy or eggs in either the delectable creamy dip or the crunchy pretzel dippers.

Perfect for satisfying those sweet cravings in a nifty portion-controlled punnet, specially designed for on-the-go snacking!

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cashews 6

Sour cream & onion cashews

You don’t have to be a taste expert to know that sour cream & onion just works. We wanted to create a healthier alternative to that classic crisp flavour, and these pan roasted cashews were a no brainer!

The sour cream & onion flavour is made with natural ingredients like onion, lemon juice, tapioca, garlic, chives and yeast extract. So all you savoury craving vegans out there, start popping - you won’t be able to stop.

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protein bite 7

hand-pressed protein bites

Our protein bites are made in the same Cotswolds bakery as our flapjack, hand-pressed in small batches to make sure each one is perfect.

Made with almond butter and soya protein crispies, the result is a delicious combination of chewy and crunchy textures with a moreish fruity flavour and no refined sugars, dairy or eggs. And in case you needed any more reasons - they come with their very own tea bag of green tea unique to graze.

cheese cashews 8

Cheese flavoured cashews

If you’re a fan of vegan cheese then you’ll be thrilled to know that our cheese flavoured cashews are completely vegan-friendly! The cheese flavour is made with natural ingredients like onion, paprika, turmeric, garlic, white pepper and yeast extract - and no dairy at all. In fact, we’d go as far as to say it’s the best vegan cheese we’ve ever tasted.

And since cashews are so full of nutrients, this snack is perfect for getting in your copper, manganese and heart healthy fats - key minerals whether you’re vegan or not.

the benefits of cashews
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By Sophie, graze blogger.

Sophie is our London-based blogger, queen of content and all things writing at graze HQ! She loves working with the taste expert team to bring their recipes out into the world.

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