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10 graze box craft projects

10th April 2017 by Sophie

Keep the little ones entertained this Easter holiday with our top 10 graze box craft projects - for grazers by grazers!

bunting 1

homemade bunting

We love making bunting. It's so easy but a lot of fun & you can use pretty much anything. We used my graze box packaging. I get the boxes every fortnight as they're really good for me - I am not very good at remembering to eat sometimes so they are ideal for a quick snack to get my blood sugar up!

Anyway, one of my boxes had a really nice leaf print on in Autumn colours so rather than throw it away I suggested making bunting. We drew some leaf shapes & cut them out.

Then we simply sellotaped them onto some string & hey presto... homemade bunting!


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notebook 2

kraft pack sketch book

Turned my old Graze box into a sketchbook! #grazebox #crafty #upcycle #DIY

Sheika, @omgcow

stamp box 3

sample storage

I've loads of graze boxes and have been keeping them a while for a good use. Just found one! I used some to decorate for a workshop recently, but have decided to keep my samples made for workshops etc in by category. I've stamped on simple copy paper ( can't waste posh cardstock on a storage box!), and stuck to the outside of the box. The stamps relate to the workshop or cards inside. An A5 card fits inside nicely.

Sally D,

stag head 4

DIY stag's head

You know that deer head your Dad's always wanted? Problem solved

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storage 5

stationary storage

I've been receiving my weekly Graze box for a while now, and as I hate throwing cardboard boxes away I thought I'd come up with a way of transforming them into some useful storage!


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trinket box 6

trinket boxes

I’ve been wanting a small compartmented jewelry box for my day-to-day stuff. I have a big jewelry box for all my gear, but I wanted a way to have the essentials right on my vanity.

So what’s a girl to do with tons of graze boxes? Washi tape a spray paint ugly boxes until they’re functional and aesthetically pleasing jewelry boxes! You could also use these boxes to hold trinkets, cufflinks or your four favorite bow ties or your D&D dice.


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planter 7

seedling planter

Our very own Amy started these seedling garden in her graze box.

graze box jewellery case 8

jewellery case

The other day I went to a department store by the city centre, and found some beautiful jewellery cases. They were tiny, cute, slim, and well-organised on the inside. Alas, they were really REALLY pricey. The cheapest one was £7.99! No way I could ever buy one.

Later, while munching on the contents of my Graze box, I noticed the Graze box itself looked a lot like the jewellery cases. They fitted perfectly inside my bedside table, they could be stacked one on top of the other, and they even had plastic compartments inside. They were cute already, but they had a lot of potential to be cuter.

That’s when I said “no way I’m spending £7.99 for something I can do at home almost for free!”


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scrapbook 9


This graze box was upcycled into a photo album scrapbook of days out by the seaside by Carole from @cazat81

phone case 10

phone cases

And last but not least, these marvellously crafted phone cases by Lottie from @audioboxer

graze sophie head shot

By Sophie, graze blogger.

Sophie is our London-based blogger, queen of content and all things writing at graze HQ! She loves working with the taste expert team to bring their recipes out into the world.

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