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10 funniest snack names

24th May 2018 by Simon

Through the years, we’ve come up with over 1,000 different snack ideas. The chances of making a classic every time are pretty slim! On the search for the tastiest and best snacks, there’s no avoiding a few zingers along the way.

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We’ve been in the snacking business for almost a decade now, and with our brand new snazzy look, we got to reminiscing about how far we’ve come. From humble beginnings posting the first ever graze box by hand, to providing you with snacks from our online shop and in supermarkets across the UK and the US of A - we’ve seen lots of snacks come and go!

Here’s a rundown of our favourite top 10 funny snack names from over the years:


Desert island nuts

Nuts doesn’t even rhyme with discs!


Miss muffet

No curds and whey were used in the making of this snack.


Honey bee good

Honey pecans, honey peanuts and honey cashews. Go honey go, go!



I guess you could use an almond as a bishop...



Never name a snack after the fourth most annoying song of all time.


Italian Stallion

Goldenberries, green raisins, cranberries and blueberries. Not a piece of pasta in sight.


Little figgy went to market

Slightly better at least than an earlier idea we had called Figgy Pop!


Paper tiger

No, it wasn’t a rice paper origami set.


Ca-shew! Bless you

Conjuring up images of sneezing is never a good idea when it comes to food.


Beach bum

This is the most recent of all, launched in 2014. Luckily our tendency for questionable names seems to have calmed down!

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By Simon, graze blogger.

Simon is one of our in-house writers, who covers everything graze! He loves experimenting in the kitchen, and running to balance his obsession with food.

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