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the graze story

When we started graze, no one was making healthy snacks we could get excited about. So we got creative in the kitchen, combining wholesome ingredients with our favourite flavours to create delicious healthier snacks. And now we can’t stop! We have over 100 graze snacks, and our mission is to make good exciting for snackers all over the country. Now everyone can get excited about making good choices.


We start experimenting with our own snack creations and the concept of graze is born.


We send our first graze boxes through the post, literally carrying them to the post boxes ourselves and posting them one by one!


The days of hand-posting are behind us - we've reached 100,000 grazers getting our graze boxes every week!


We set up our Stateside headquarters right in the middle of NYC and start sending graze boxes to American snackers.


We nearly explode with excitement when we launch our very own graze snacks in shops across the UK.


You can't stop the snack train! We launch our retail range is shops across the US. Next stop, the moon!

taste experts

the taste experts

Our taste experts are always experimenting in the graze kitchen. In the last 8 years they’ve invented nearly 2,000 new graze snacks and tasted even more ingredients!

inspiration for snacks

Inspired by you

We live on feedback from our grazers - it keeps our range in tip-top shape. Using our taste experts’ creativity and your snack ratings, we create new and exciting combinations you won’t find anywhere else.

graze garden of england

dedicated to quality

Our ingredient hunters source the finest flavours, which our taste experts craft into each innovative new snack, whilst our in-house designers handwrite every new punnet top, all under the same roof! If that’s not quality we don’t know what is.

a few of our favourite graze innovations

our famous flapjacks

Our beloved flapjacks are made by the White family in their Cotswold bakery, from their 30-year-old recipe. These tasty treats are hand baked in small batches to keep the rustic rolled oats whole, which is why graze flapjacks are such a delicious source of fibre.

dried not fried crisps

Our beetroot and carrot crisps are dried not fried using a vacuum to capture their natural sweetness, with no added sugar, salt or oil. Because they are so pure, the crisps retain all the nutrients found in fresh beetroot and carrots - that’s all the crunch with none of the grease!

kern pops

We were the first company in the UK to introduce these half-popped corn kernels. Made from the same kernels as popcorn, but popped in a different way to give them more crunch, kern pops are fast becoming one of our favourite ingredients to satisfy crunch cravings.

graze school of farming

Giving back

We launched the graze school of farming to help families in rural Uganda grow their way out of poverty. The school teaches locals in Kabubbu the farming skills they need to grow, maintain and harvest crops over several seasons, leaving students and the village with a source of sustainable income and food.

Grazers can help fund the school of farming by choosing to donate their own £1 reward when they refer a friend. So far our grazers have raised over £140,000!

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