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little puds

little puds

raspberry bakewell

raspberry bakewell

almond bakewell cake with raspberry compote  more information

coconut crumble cake

coconut crumble cake

coconut crumble cake with mango, passion fruit & lime coulis  more information

sticky toffee pudding

sticky toffee pudding

spiced rye and date cake with toffee sauce  more information

heat me to eat me a graze pud mini spoon included

Our little puds taste even better warm. To warm, simply remove the film lid completely and pop in the microwave for 10 seconds. Take care, they can get hot!

little versions of our favourites Ellie's been a fan of her Mum's crumble recipe since an early age

Let's face it, nothing compares to the puddings we enjoyed growing up. So we raided all our favourite recipes and worked out how to make them better for you.

We started by shrinking them down then added in loads of fruit and took away the giant jug of custard. This means that all our little puds are under 150 calories so you get just enough to remind you of your old favourites (without feeling guilty afterwards).

good to know

Do I have to heat up my little pud?

It’s completely up to you – we think they taste great hot or cold!

Can I microwave any other nibbles in the graze range?

Our little puds come in special new punnets which are suitable for microwaving. The rest of our punnets aren’t microwavable, so please don’t try to heat them up.

Where can I find my mini spoon?

We’ve popped it in the bottom of your box, next to your napkin.

How do I check the ingredients?

Just click on the picture of each of our little puds to see the full list of ingredients.

Are they suitable for coeliacs and vegans?

Unfortunately, none of our little puds are suitable for vegans as they contain free-range egg.

Please note that all of our nibbles are prepared together in the same kitchen, so cross-contamination between any of our products is possible. We do advise that graze is not suitable for those with food allergies or intolerances.

How long will my little puds last?

Your little puds are freshly baked without any additives or preservatives, so it’s best to eat them straight away.