keeping our snacks (and you) safe: our plan of action for making snacks in a COVID-19 world

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graze's popping corn

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how to pop

popcorn bag

remove wrapper and place in your microwave as shown above

popcorn bag

set your microwave at full power for two minutes

popcorn bag

stop cooking when popping slows to one pop every two seconds

popcorn bag

open bag carefully by pinching and pulling at the diagonal corners

good to know

Do I need a microwave to prepare my popping corn?

Yes, you will need a microwave.

Is popping corn suitable for children?

Popping corn is great for older children, but it is not recommended for infants or toddlers, as the popped kernels can pose a choking hazard.

It is perfectly normal for some of the kernels not to pop, but please make sure that your little ones don't eat them as they could damage their teeth and they don't taste very nice! Any un-popped kernels should be thrown away.

Don't try to re-heat the un-popped kernels or reuse the bag.

What makes popping corn pop?

Steam! The kernels contain moisture: when they are heated the moisture becomes steam and builds up pressure as the internal environment expands, eventually a small explosion occurs as they burst their shell and are popped – magic!

How do I check the ingredients?

Just click on the picture of each snack to see the full list of ingredients.

How do I prepare the popping corn for microwaving?

  1. Check the use by date of the popping corn, which is printed in the booklet that accompanies your box.
  2. Remove the outer plastic wrapper before putting the popping corn in the microwave.
  3. Some microwaves contain a metal grill or trivet. If yours does then you’ll need to remove it before you cook the popping corn.

How long should I cook my popping corn for?

We recommend setting your microwave for two minutes but your popping corn could be ready from as little as 40 seconds.

The key is to STAY by your microwave and LISTEN for when popping slows to one every two seconds.

How should I put my popping corn in the microwave?

Always with the side saying ‘graze’s popping corn’ facing down.

How should I open the popping corn once it's cooked?

Please open very carefully – both the corn and the steam will be HOT! Pull opposite corners of the bag diagonally away from each other and then tip the popped corn into a bowl to allow it to cool before you snack!

Some kernels haven't popped, are they edible?

It is perfectly normal for some of the kernels not to pop, but please don’t eat them as they could damage your teeth and don’t taste very nice! Don’t try to re-heat the un-popped kernels or reuse the bag.

Can I get popping corn if I am on a nutrition plan?

Yes, they are being sent out in our variety box, light box, pure box, sugar count box, sustain box and popcorn boxes.

Is graze’s popping corn suitable for vegans?

All of our popping corn is suitable for vegan diets.

Is graze’s popping corn suitable for coeliacs?

None of graze’s popping corn contains gluten, but please note that all of our nibbles are prepared together in the same kitchen, so cross-contamination between any of our products is possible. We advise that graze is not suitable for those with food allergies or intolerances.