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british jerky

british jerky

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Where does the jerky come from?

All of our jerky comes from farms which comply with Red Tractor standards. Red Tractor sets standards to cover all aspects of the supply chain including food safety and traceability, animal welfare, and environmental protection.

You can read more about this here:

Does the jerky contain any preservatives?

No, we have spent a long time searching for really great tasting jerky that doesn’t contain anything artificial. Our jerky is marinated and then smoked, slowly cooked and dried. This process naturally preserves the meat without the need to add any nasties.

Is the jerky raw?

No, the beef and pork are cooked before they’re dried. As jerky is a dried product the texture of the meat can be a bit chewy, so please be aware if you haven't got strong teeth.

How long will the jerky last?

You will have 7 days to enjoy your jerky once you have received it in your box and, as with all of our nibbles, it does not need to be refrigerated.

How do I check the ingredients?

Just click on the picture to see the full list of ingredients.

Will I automatically be sent the jerky?

No - we know that not everyone eats meat, so we’ve binned it for all of our grazers. If you would like to receive it in your box then make sure you rate it as try, like or love.

Is it suitable for coeliacs?

Neither our pork or beef jerky or their accompanying dips contain wheat or gluten as a listed ingredient.

Please be aware, however, that our jerky supplier handles other wheat products, so we can't guarantee that it is 100% wheat or gluten free. We also handle wheat and gluten in our own facility so cross contamination is possible.

Is it suitable for vegans and vegetarians?


How healthy is the jerky?

Our beef jerky dipper is only 91 calories and our pork jerky dipper is just 66 calories! Both are low in saturated fat and are high sources of protein, which our bones and muscles need in order to repair and grow to keep up with the demands of the day.