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a touch of chocolate

a touch of chocolate

Items that contain chocolate buttons are part of our seasonal range.

Since we want our grazers to receive all their products in the best condition possible we will only send these products from fall to spring (when temperatures are lower). learn more

  • white chocolate dip and blueberry toasts

    white chocolate dip and blueberry toasts

    white chocolate dip with wild blueberry toasts

  • dark chocolate cherry tart

    dark chocolate cherry tart

    Belgian dark chocolate, juicy cherries & almonds

  • white chocolate raspberry cheesecake

    white chocolate raspberry cheesecake

    almonds, raspberry fruit strings, Belgian white chocolate buttons and cookie drops

  • salted caramel chocolate cookie

    salted caramel chocolate cookie

    baked salted peanuts, Belgian milk chocolate salted caramel buttons, pumpkin seeds and Italian amaretti drops

  • chocolate pecan pie

    chocolate pecan pie

    pecan nuts, chopped dates, vanilla pumpkin seeds and cocoa fudge

  • cookies and cream

    cookies and cream

    mini cocoa cookies, white chocolate buttons, chocolate fudge and sunflower seeds

  • honeycomb crunch

    honeycomb crunch

    raisins, almonds and milk chocolate coated honeycomb

  • mocha walnut cake

    mocha walnut cake

    walnuts, jumbo raisins and milk chocolate coffee beans

  • turtle pie

    turtle pie

    pecan nuts, vanilla pumpkin seeds, Belgian milk chocolate salted caramel buttons and mini cocoa cookies

  • billionaire's shortbread

    billionaire's shortbread

    blanched almonds, cranberries, vanilla fudge and Belgian milk chocolate drops