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new! chili and lime cashews, raw and blanched almonds and raw pistachio kernels
new! baked salted peanuts, fudge pieces, mini chocolate cookies and redskin peanuts
new! 100% pure peanut butter with pretzel sticks
new! mustard breadsticks, sour cream and onion cashews and poppyseed pretzels
new! rustic rolled oat flapjack with brownie chunks
new! black pepper cashews, spicy chickpeas and edamame beans
new! cheddar cheese croutons, cheese cashews and salsa corn sticks
new! raw pistachio kernels, strawberry drops, yogurt coated strawberry pieces and sponge pieces
new! chocolate fudge, chopped dates and pecan nuts
new! peach fruit strings, honey almond slivers, amaretti drops and yogurt coated sunflower seeds