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apple and cinnamon porridge

honey, cinnamon, oats, raisins and apple

apple, lemon juice concentrate
Contains gluten.
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served with a spoonful of honey

honey, cinnamon, oats, raisins and apple
honey, chopped walnuts, chopped pecans and oats
honey, oats, almond slices and cherries

pure fruit, nut and seed

chopped dates, oats, yoghurt coated sunflower seeds and coconut flakes
chopped roasted hazelnuts, oats, yoghurt coated sunflower seeds and jumbo raisins
diced figs, blueberries, oats and blueberry infused cranberries
blueberries, oats, lingonberries and green raisins

some questions about the good breakfast club…

how many different types of porridge do I need to select?

You can select as many or as little as you like. If you select only one – we will send you a box with four of this flavour. If you keep all eight – we will send you a different combination each time.

how do I check the ingredients?

Just click on the pictures to see the full list of ingredients.

can I get porridge in my usual nibble box or nutrition plan?

Our porridges are exclusive to the good breakfast club and are only available in our breakfast box. So you won’t be able to get them in your nibble, light, boost or eatwell box.

are the porridges suitable for coeliacs and vegans?

We don’t use certified gluten-free oats, so we’re afraid they aren’t suitable for coeliacs.

The fig & blueberry and blueberry & lingonberry are both vegan friendly, the others contain honey or yoghurt.

how does milk change my porridge?

The calories and other nutrition facts depend on the kind of milk you use to whip up your graze porridge. We like to use semi-skimmed milk, which adds...

how much milk should I use?

We’ve found that using one and a half punnets of milk gives the best consistency – but if you like your porridge a little runnier/stickier, you can add more/less milk.

If you are using the honey punnet – use the larger portion to measure your milk.

can I use different types of milk?

We have it with semi-skimmed milk, but it still tastes great with all other types of milk. You can also make it with water.

how to cook your porridge

1. tip porridge oats into a bowl

2. now add one and a half punnets of milk to the bowl

3. microwave at full power for 2 minutes*. Add honey if you've got some.
*times may vary by microwave type