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foods containing dairy, milk or lactose

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strawberries and cream - malt coated oats, oat and barley granola, freeze dried raspberry pieces, freeze dried strawberry pieces, crispy multigrain flakes and yoghurt coated strawberry pieces
oat & barley granola, strawberry & raspberry pieces, yoghurt coated strawberry pieces, crispy multigrain flakes & malt coated oats
yoghurt coated strawberry pieces, raspberry fruit strings, cherry infused raisins and cranberries
graze's chocolate orange
orange chocolate raisins, orange infused raisins, milk chocolate buttons and jumbo raisins
dark chocolate orange granola - orange granola, orange peel, dark chocolate curls, chocolate granola, almond slices and pumpkin seeds
chocolate orange granola, orange peel, dark chocolate curls, pumpkin seeds & almond slices
mango lassi - honey oats, freeze dried passion fruit yoghurt, mango and passionfruit granola, crispy multigrain flakes, coconut flakes and pumpkin seeds
mango & passion fruit granola, coconut flakes, passion fruit yoghurt, honey-baked oats, pumpkin seeds & crispy multigrain flakes
pizza party
mini paprika breadsticks, mini tomato breadstick and mini basil breadsticks
rocky road granola - oat and barley granola, pistachio pieces, freeze dried sour cherry pieces, dark chocolate curls, pumpkin seeds, chocolate granola and cherries
chocolate granola, dark chocolate curls, cherries, pistachios & pumpkin seeds
soba peanut, edamame beans, chilli and lemon chickpea noodles and chilli broad beans